The gist of the critics' argument is this: More data in the hands of patients could potentially be bad. To that I say, 'No way!' An engaged patient is a more compliant patient.
The auto industry standardized critical control location in cars to allow anyone with knowledge on any car to operate all cars safely. But our EMR systems have been developed piecemeal, to the detriment of its users.
Can ridesharing improve efficiency and the patient experience? Are mergers the future, or are they dragging us back into the past? Plus, updates on MSK's Paige.AI scandal a week later.
Five of the brightest minds in health tech offer five unique perspectives on the short- and long-term moves that matter most for the modern hospital exec.
Why we’re thinking about EMRs all wrong, and how mhealth gives us new windows into the human body.
Let's not duplicate failures - let's learn from them.
How valuable is a physician’s time? Is there a decent ROI for having them dedicate a sizable chunk to advising innovation teams? Should innovation teams be in-house or outsourced?  
We can make sense of the constant push and pull between physicians, executives, pharma, technocrats, government agencies and more.
Following Hurricane Florence, many patients are finding access to their latest records and treatments is improved thanks to the resilience of digitized records and their cloud backups.
Forget the complaints – healthcare does plenty of things right, too. So where should hospitals bow to disruption, and where should they double down their efforts?
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