Value-Based Care

Ask Serena Williams, leading obstetricians, and Janae Sharp about the care problems that expecting mothers face.
Why you can’t ignore data, analytics, and value-based care.
News and insights on cyberwarfare, the Apple Watch, wearables, and more.
Healthcare is far from achieving a universal approach to connecting its disparate systems, but many bright minds are making strides.
Value-based care at the heart of new guidances, and, as usual, they came with Gottlieb tweets.
The new Partnership for America’s Health Care Future has enormous reach. But what it will do remains unknown.
A CMMI-backed program transitions rural hospitals to a value-based, global budgeting model to evaluate outcomes and cost savings.
Mandatory bundled payments, in particular—which they say hold greater potential for research and savings.
What you need to know to succeed in health IT and beyond.
How these technologies can solve common data problems.
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