The urinalysis kit provides an end-to-end service for users.

But tech can help.
The Apple Watch 4 ECG reader is emerging as a key selling point. What does this mean for digital health?
The trends reflect healthcare's evolution toward a more value-based care model with more digital health innovations. 
A decade after Congress ordered the DEA to create a special registration for prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine, a new deadline looms.
Attain leverages real-time data and patient medical histories.
Pharmacists used the phone calls to monitor medication adherence and help patients manage their medication regime.   
Wearable data can be a cost-efficient way for people to gain insights about how their lifestyle affects their biological age. 
The partnership promotes the creation of innovative ways to provide patients with medical solutions.
Andrew Pecora, M.D., speaks about the future of healthcare and how cultural forces will come together to create a tipping point. 
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