Alexa for doctors, medical devices and mergers gave healthcare stakeholders plenty to discuss.
How researchers used a Fitbit to influence behavior change.
Data Book tells the story of artificial heart innovator Robert Jarvik and brings on five health-tech KOLs to discuss who is responsible for advancing medicine.
Natural Cycles unveiled the results of a study of 54,000 women. Here’s what it found.
It’s time for health systems to build on their tech foundation and strive for interoperability, analytics and engagement.
Women today have more tools than ever before to monitor their pregnancies, but data mean little without physician guidance.
A new study found that SMS polls can help rapidly gather health information.
Forget the complaints – healthcare does plenty of things right, too. So where should hospitals bow to disruption, and where should they double down their efforts?
Telehealth can offset projected clinician shortages, bring affordable care to uninsured patients and eliminate wait times for consultation.
Is it OK for digital health tools to exclude vulnerable populations?
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