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Blockchain's Implications for Healthcare (Archived 2/8/18​)

Where are you in blockchain? Its applications for healthcare are real. But how ready are you to use it, and what do you need to know? This webinar features Steven W. Teppler, attorney and Bitcoin/blockchain expert alongside staff from the HRA and Healthcare Analytics NewsTM teams. WATCH HERE>>>


Patient Centricity: Physician Perspectives on Wearable Healthcare Technology (Archived 1/11/2017)

In part two of our webinar series on patient centricity, we will be examining the role of wearable devices and apps on physicians’ practices. In this interactive webinar, we will explore how key stakeholders can improve treatement care, reach unmet needs, and take part in the changing industry. WATCH HERE>>>

Pediatric Oncology: How to Win the Long-Term Fight (Archived 11/30/2017)

HRA® has joined the battle against pediatric cancer with their newest syndicated study, “Pediatric Oncology: How to Win the Long Term Battle.” In this interactive archived webinar, the topline findings of this study were analyzed. WATCH HERE>>>

Patient Centricity: Role of Wearable Technology in Patients with Chronic Conditions (Archived 09/14/2017)

In this archived webinar, HRA® bridged the gap between drug and medical device manufacturers and patients to gauge their interactions with wearable healthcare, and to determine how wearables will impact the future of healthcare. WATCH HERE>>>

Areas of Opportunity in the Infectious Disease Space (Archived 07/27/2017)

Are you prepared for changes in the infectious disease space? HRA® conducted a study to determine where the areas of opportunity are in the infectious disease domain from the frontline doctors. WATCH HERE>>>

Advances in Digital Data Mining Create New Opportunities for Research (Archived 05/24/2017)

There are nearly 2.8 billions social media users in the world - and most businesses are not ultilizing it's power. Listen in to learn how to incorporate digital data mining into your business strategy. WATCH HERE>>>

HRA Research

Evidence Based Oncology: Future of Incentive-Driven Pathway Adherence

HRA's Oncology Pathways: Future of Incentive-Driven Adherence explores recent decisions by payers to provide financial incentives to oncologists to follow their evidence-based treatment pathways. This creates an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to understand the implications this may have on current brand utilization and future prescribing trends.

Future of Biosimilars: Boom or Bust

Recent legislation has provided a faster path to market for biosimilars which are positioned to revolutionize the field of protein therapeutics. HRA®analyzed clinical, regulatory, and survey information on biosimilars to improve understanding and future expectations in the field. HRA® conducted an online survey with 160 Rheumatologists and Oncologists designed to yield insights into potential drivers of biosimilar prescribing. In addition, key insights from payers were included.

Emotional Influencers on Oncologists' Treatment Practices

It is clear that, in addition to clinical factors, oncologists make many treatment decisions based on their own attitudes, individual patient circumstances and emotions. Use the insights from this syndicated report to determine which factors drive healthcare professionals to prescribe your drug and also guide your discussions with them.

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