Privacy & Security

HIPAA compliance requires great effort, but tech can help.
Though many find He Jiankui’s gene-editing experiment unethical, there is still no proof that he did it.
Its billing vendor, AccuDoc, has cut ties with the software vendor whose hacked system caused the data breach.

This is not the first time BrightMatter Guide with SurfaceTrace Registration has been recalled.
Experts and watchdogs say the birth of twins with genetically modified DNA represents precision medicine gone wrong.
Can digital voice assistants for healthcare improve outcomes, increase efficiencies and protect patient data?
8 ways healthcare leaders can prepare for a HIPAA compliance audit.
A health information and privacy expert offers insights into HIPAA compliance, wearables and voice assistants.
The data breach exposed the information of nearly 20,000 additional people, revised figures show.
These connected medical devices require a more comprehensive strategy if we are to protect patients.
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