Privacy & Security

But the state Department of Human Services claims there’s no evidence that the information has been viewed or misused.
The medical device manufacturer has updated the software as part of a voluntary recall to address safety risk.
Healthcare leaders say their strategies could place patients at risk, a new survey found.
Cops identified the alleged Golden State Killer using DNA collected by a direct-to-consumer company. But that might not concern the public, a new study finds.
Why SOC 2 certification could help health systems.
8 common printer cyber-hardening mistakes that could endanger your network.
A new JAMA study finds that the number of data breaches has increased nearly every year since 2010.
When physicians and hospital executives don’t see eye to eye, problems arise. Both groups must work together to bridge the Clinical Divide.
The regulator agreed with the report’s three premarket review recommendations.
Healthcare is a major hacking target. Get ready before things get messy.
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