Population Health

Experts and watchdogs say the birth of twins with genetically modified DNA represents precision medicine gone wrong.
Now that mHealth apps are flooding the market, clinicians and health systems must understand their benefits and detriments.
Social mapping technology and public health data help the group choose which nonprofits to fund.
4 reasons to be hopeful for the future of virtual care.
Patients in rural communities could benefit most from greater healthcare access. But challenges remain.
Physician burnout and suicide are major issues in the healthcare industry. But how does technology play a part in these trends, and what can technology do to decrease them?
The power of mHealth solutions remains in question, a new study finds.
A new study suggests that an mHealth app for mental health counseling is as effective as in-person therapy.
The portable reader enables the test to deliver diagnostic results where patients are, leveraging data to jumpstart care in Ebola-stricken areas.
Janae Sharp talks to four experts about which steps healthcare leaders can take to fight physician burnout.
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