Population Health

Leaders in health tech are writing letters to clinicians to prevent fight things like physician burnout. Here’s the second in a series.
Physician burnout and health IT are linked. But healthcare can’t abandon EHRs.
What can physicians and healthcare executives do to ensure stroke victims are receiving high-quality, expedient treatment?
Why health IT must consider physicians in the design stage.
This is the first letter in a series designed to promote physician and clinician healing in the digital transformation.
The system uses home videos and human video raters to diagnose children with autism.
Health information exchange, data security and healthcare all might benefit from blockchain technology.
The health insurer’s funding round signals confidence in the industry’s attempt at disruption.
Though many find He Jiankui’s gene-editing experiment unethical, there is still no proof that he did it.
Can ClearHealth Quality Institute’s telemedicine accreditation program fill an important gap in a rapidly growing sector?
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