Patient Engagement

What can physicians and healthcare executives do to ensure their patients are using the best and safest devices?
An app for HIV self-testing proved effective in Canada. Can that mHealth app’s success spread?
The health insurer’s funding round signals confidence in the industry’s attempt at disruption.
Health tech is an exciting space. Here’s what every healthcare leader must know to succeed.
HIPAA compliance requires great effort, but tech can help.
The department is seeking public comment on its recommendations to reduce IT burden.
The tech giant’s latest healthcare project uses machine learning to fight a longstanding medical records problem.
Insights to how overexposure to radiation can be reduced and how changing our microbiomes can lead to a healthier life.
Can ClearHealth Quality Institute’s telemedicine accreditation program fill an important gap in a rapidly growing sector?
The CMS's new tool will give patients more information and power moving forward.
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