Patient Engagement

But tech can help.
Two studies on vaping are competing for public attention. But despite the hype, nicotine is no digital health savior.
The trends reflect healthcare's evolution toward a more value-based care model with more digital health innovations. 
Attain leverages real-time data and patient medical histories.
What’s Covered is the latest digital push by CMS to foster patient empowerment.
Pharmacists used the phone calls to monitor medication adherence and help patients manage their medication regime.   
How can health systems navigate technological and systemic changes? Data Book explores the Ascension Health story and talks with Andrew Pecora, M.D.
Wearable data can be a cost-efficient way for people to gain insights about how their lifestyle affects their biological age. 
Why the clearance is a win for 23andMe and the direct-to-consumer genetic-testing industry.
But an analysis suggests there is reason to be optimistic about digital health weight loss interventions.
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