Patient Engagement

The Apple Watch ECG reader has drawn criticism, but this study aims to improve patient outcomes and stroke prevention.
The digital medication will give oncologists new insights into their patients’ treatment progress.
This is just the latest study to suggest patients are satisfied with telehealth services.
In 2016, Ciitizen’s founder sold a company to Apple that helped boost the tech giant’s EHR efforts. Now, he’s working with Verily.
It’s long past time for healthcare providers to follow the pioneers who are using data, AI and other high-tech tools to fight the opioid crisis.
How can health executives and physicians leverage telemedicine to help treat patients with mental health issues?
But what can health systems do to expand patient access to health data?
Health tech is changing rapidly, but barriers to innovation remain. Can this process help health systems?
A new telemedicine program is underway in Pittsburgh, and it could prove more comprehensive than at-home visits.
Do real-time data and wellness represent a new path for 23andMe?
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