Patient Engagement

Alexa for doctors, medical devices and mergers gave healthcare stakeholders plenty to discuss.
The gist of the critics' argument is this: More data in the hands of patients could potentially be bad. To that I say, 'No way!' An engaged patient is a more compliant patient.
How researchers used a Fitbit to influence behavior change.
Health-tech KOL Janae Sharp talks the brain, wearables and autism and the inventor of affective computing.
Data Book tells the story of artificial heart innovator Robert Jarvik and brings on five health-tech KOLs to discuss who is responsible for advancing medicine.
Natural Cycles unveiled the results of a study of 54,000 women. Here’s what it found.
Can ridesharing improve efficiency and the patient experience? Are mergers the future, or are they dragging us back into the past? Plus, updates on MSK's Paige.AI scandal a week later.
The week in review is all about cybersecurity, the digital transformation and big ethical questions, but it all orbits around risk.
What health systems must know to improve patient engagement and more.
The problem is also hurting patients and costing health systems untold billions, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis. 
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