Alexa for doctors, medical devices and mergers gave healthcare stakeholders plenty to discuss.
But the state Department of Human Services claims there’s no evidence that the information has been viewed or misused.
How researchers used a Fitbit to influence behavior change.
Health-tech KOL Janae Sharp talks the brain, wearables and autism and the inventor of affective computing.
The medical device manufacturer has updated the software as part of a voluntary recall to address safety risk.
Data Book tells the story of artificial heart innovator Robert Jarvik and brings on five health-tech KOLs to discuss who is responsible for advancing medicine.
The U.S. Department of Justice approved the merger between CVS Health and Aetna this week.
Natural Cycles unveiled the results of a study of 54,000 women. Here’s what it found.
The finding underscores a problem facing cancer care — and the power of a strong database.
10 realities that healthcare organizations must understand about the data that fuel their technologies.
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