Finance Costs & Revenues

The U.S. Department of Justice approved the merger between CVS Health and Aetna this week.
It’s time for health systems to build on their tech foundation and strive for interoperability, analytics and engagement.
By updating Medicare’s Program Integrity Manual, groundbreaking therapies and medical devices could be more likely to be covered, the insurer says.
Several dozen health plans and providers have begun using an artificial intelligence platform developed by a company called Apixio.
A new survey found that just 15 percent of patients think payers should be allowed to use big data to weigh policies.
Its artificial intelligence diagnostic system diagnostic system is not just cleared by the FDA. It’s already in use.
Smart healthcare leaders must step up and challenge the status quo.
The company uses genomics and AI to improve health.
Fitbit Care uses health coaching and personalized digital health interventions. It also provides health systems, insurers and employers with enterprise-level data.
The company hopes to accomplish this through a real-time care guidance platform.
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