Big Data & Analytics

An app for HIV self-testing proved effective in Canada. Can that mHealth app’s success spread?
Based on the limited IQ of humans, can artificial intelligence (AI) be trained to be smarter than people?
The tech giant’s latest healthcare project uses machine learning to fight a longstanding medical records problem.
But health systems reap these benefits only when they meet meaningful use standards.
Newer medical devices can improve patient safety and performance, but they come with unique challenges.
Can digital voice assistants for healthcare improve outcomes, increase efficiencies and protect patient data?
Why Garmin and Fitabase want to make it easier for scientists to access wearables data.
Do modern health systems have the know-how and tools to develop their own EHR systems?
Biometric technology will play a major role in the future of patient identification. But only with referential matching technology can health systems realize the full benefits.
What C-suites and clinicians must do to advance remote monitoring.
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