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October 17, 2018
Health-tech KOL Janae Sharp discusses how wearables and digital health apps could be improved with the inventor of affective computing.
October 16, 2018
Amazon’s purchase of PillPack made insiders wonder whether traditional pharmacies were at risk. But pharmacists are used to disruption.

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The boon comes at a time when regulators and established companies are placing confidence in health tech.
Cyberattacks compromised the protected health information of 79 million people.
Alexa for doctors, medical devices and mergers gave healthcare stakeholders plenty to discuss.
But the state Department of Human Services claims there’s no evidence that the information has been viewed or misused.
How researchers used a Fitbit to influence behavior change.
Health-tech KOL Janae Sharp talks the brain, wearables and autism and the inventor of affective computing.
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