Why one venture capitalist is becoming frustrated with startups that push technology over problem-solving.
Healthcare attorney Matt Fisher tells a cautionary tale about a health system that built its own EHR access monitoring tool.
At HIMSS 2018, Lee Shapiro of 7wire Ventures describes how an investment in a patient engagement app somehow yielded a vegan restaurant finder.
Andrew Norden, MD, says that he thinks the 2 companies' technologies together are "unsurpassed."
While disparate information can be linked back together, it is dependent on what the manufacturer is willing to pay.
If the patient is truly to be paramount, “I think a lot of effort still needs to be done,” John Giannouris said.
John Giannouris knows that the pharmaceutical industry is changing.
“There's a wonderful opportunity for computational biologists and people with computer science backgrounds to have an impact on experimental immunology."
Genomic research, according to Miraldi, is a big data problem, and one that can continually offer insight and inspiration.
"You want to understand very quickly where it is going and what value it brings to you,” he said.
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