"You want to understand very quickly where it is going and what value it brings to you,” he said.
Healthcare messaging used to be controlled in a hierarchical, top-down manner. The internet changed that.
Omri Shor sees 3 main forces in the healthcare industry colliding to create a “perfect storm” for better patient engagement technologies.
“If we give them ownership, it will help engagement [and] improve outcomes, because now they can get better care."
"This is duplicate work, and frankly we can't afford it on either end anymore."
Fisher, a gastroenterologist, focused on infrastructure and philosophy, while her cardiologist husband, Campbell, focused more on technologies.
"We don't know how much of the care the patients get out of our system. How complete is our predictive ability?
"Really, technologists aren't going to be able to figure out what's going to work best for patients,” he said.
Predictive analytics are powerful, they’re everywhere, and they can be meaningless if not designed with a purpose.
“Billions and billions of dollars are spent on just measuring quality that could be used for actually delivering care.”
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