Value-Based Care

Andrew Norden, MD, says that he thinks the 2 companies' technologies together are "unsurpassed."
“We envision this as not a part of the current political debate. It’s a wide net right now," the new organization's Executive Director said in an interview.
“If such approaches are successfully implemented on a broad scale with similar results, the magnitude of savings would be substantial.”
Healthcare organizations would be wise to concentrate on high-value care, optimize their networks, and focus on their core competencies.
"Their cancellation was a step in the wrong direction for pursuing a healthcare system that focuses on value and not volume."
Technology allows people to screen for hereditary cancers. But what happens afterward?
How CONCIERGE KEY Health views and pursues value in care.
The new BPCI Advanced covers many of the same interventions that the recently-cancelled mandatory program would have.
The value-based care push is one of the most important trends in American healthcare, and it is always evolving.
The collaboration will aim to encourage value-based, community-minded healthcare.
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