Value-Based Care

Original HRA® research suggests insurers are searching for diverse data to take this step toward value-based care.
It isn't enough to just garner hundreds of value-based recommendations: They need to be credibly disseminated and implemented.
The ABIM Foundation’s initiative to cut healthcare waste has compiled hundreds of suggestions. Getting doctors on board will be a different story.
The pharmacy chain is integrating pharmacist- and provider-facing tools to help them recommend cheaper alternatives.
As the era of value-based care begins, the start-up is targeting biopharma and insurers.
Insurers participating in the federal exchanges grumbled to the Government Accountability Office about the problem.
Adam Boehler will take over CMS's value-based care test kitchen. 
"We are judged on a misaligned incentive of publishing a paper, but not on ensuring that our methodology is being used," Malaz Boustani, MD, says.
Cota and Hackensack Meridian Health’s path toward bundled payments holds lessons for others.
Bundled payments are an important part of the value-based care movement. But who is taking the lead on getting them implemented?
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