Value-Based Care

A House of Representitives vote on the American Health Care Act did not fall on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Now it will not occur at all.
Two recent reports from the Urban Institute examined trends in the proportion of adults with medical debt, and whether such trends related to the citizens' confidence in their own financial literacy.
?IBM has announced the next step for Watson Health: a value-based care management solution. The new system, built on the Watson supercomputing artificial intelligence backbone, will combine, analyze, and make predictions based on data in electronic health records, hospital administrative and clinical databases, claims data, and other sources.
“I think we’re agreeing, but in a way that sounds like we disagree."
John Gallagher, Senior Innovation Consultant at Simpler Consulting, offers potential complications that could doom population health efforts: "The business of care delivery must change."
Costs and hospitalizations both fell, according to a University of Alabama at Birmingham Report.
“We cannot communicate with other physicians,” says Ralph Nobo, MD and president of the Florida Medical Association. “Sometimes we cannot communicate with other entities, like labs or radiology services unless we pay a large monthly fee. That presents a challenge when you’re a small practice like I am and you’re trying to survive in these difficult times.”
Obese patients are more likely to die at home, with their weight often directly impacting their access to end-of-life care. Researchers surmise that health care professionals still harbor bias against such patients.
The investigators called over treatment “pervasive” and said it “leads to potential patient harms and excessive costs in health care.”
Goldberg sat down with Healthcare Analytics News to discuss the platform’s goal of delivering real-world data to oncology departments in order to expedite transitions to value-based models and provide attuned patient care.
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