Value-Based Care

CMS has launched a survey, and Seema Verma has written an op-ed, intended on garnering new perspectives for the Innovation Center.
Marco Huesch speaks on “cozy duopolies and oligopolies” in regional healthcare markets, and what it may take for analytics innovation to thrive.  
The plans could be of benefit to those with chronic conditions that require recurring clinical visits.
Marco D. Huesch, MBBS, PhD, has deep thoughts on the role of analytics in healthcare. He also has an unbelievably deep well of experience to pull from.
Antov, Deeken, and Killian return with five more tips on how health companies can catch up to other industries in their use of analytics for business.
For many providers, MACRA is either enigmatic or nightmarish. A new survey from NueMD shows the depth of uncertainty. 
In part 2 of this week's C-Suite Q&A, we continue our conversation with David Delaney, MD.
"At SAP, we're across 25 different sectors, and 23 or 24 of them are quite a ways beyond healthcare."
Details in the release were not extensive, but the phrase "value-based" appeared 6 times.
A week after proposing to cancel the expansion of bundled payments, HHS awarded grants to over 1,000 US hospitals for improving value.
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