Value-Based Care

Nobody wants "cookbook medicine." Via Oncology CEO Kathleen Lokay explained why treatment pathways aren't that.
Michael Kolodziej, MD, is an oncological analytics veteran. He painted oncology’s approach to value as fundamentally broken, and offered ways to improve it.
People with cancer are consumers of healthcare. Should they not get customized treatment plans?
Innovators spotlight the deep roots of healthcare’s tech problem.
It may be a confusing time to buy health insurance, but the Georgia-based tech company says that it can solve that.
"You want to understand very quickly where it is going and what value it brings to you,” he said.
“With the genomic’s increasingly important for providers to have a trusted data partner, and that is why MSK chose Cota.”
A UPMC biomedical informatics professor outlines 4 steps healthcare orgs can take now.
Healthcare can strive for actionable data, especially regarding social determinants of health, a Lumeris executive says.
“Overall, at the general population level, I've been actually surprised as to how well people understand it."
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