The hospital will now offer a telehealth service for pediatric patients.
Keeping young patients with long-term health concerns engaged via text, email, and phone calls might improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs down the road. On that road, however, there are plenty of challenges to consider.
“With telemedicine, distance is no longer an impediment to receiving health care services from anywhere in Pennsylvania or across the country,” says State Senator Elder Vogel.
Oscar Insurance, co-founded by Jared Kushner's brother, announced expansion the day before details of GOP health bill emerged.

Two years after the ResearchKit launch, studies using the platform seem to suffer from the same issues it was meant to address.

The company's name will now appear on Withings smart scales and wearables. The devices and the app combine to form an "ecosystem" that Nokia hopes will provide "a 360-degree view of their well-being."
In the name of an “efficient, risk-based approach” to regulation in order to “promote health” through innovation, Gottlieb detailed a number of initiatives underway or soon to be.
"If this were a drug that had a survival advantage of this magnitude, it would be retail priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars."
Of all of the conditions that technological innovation has the potential to mitigate, assuage, and aid, vision loss leaves plenty of room for the novel and life-changing.
In the second part of an interview with CMO Daniel Lace, the doctor turned the conversation to how he defines value-based care.
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