It will not be dependent on smartphone connection for cellular coverage.
Nearly 9 months after it was announced, the deal has not been finalized. Some lawmakers are expressing frustration.
Evolution might be important for Fitbit as the market for wearable devices becomes more complicated.
The development helps patients monitor their drug intake through a smartphone app.
“Healthcare has always been a very noble profession,” Taha Jangda said. “But it’s also been very transactional.”
The includion of last year's CHRONIC Care Act in the bill could pave the way for future telehealth legislation.
Advanced machine learning enables the wearable device to spot events and summon help.
The Direct Decision Support Model was designed to provide medical information to approximately 700,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
Are patients as enamored with mHealth as hospitals want them to be?
In a new survey, just 18% of patients said they use telehealth services.
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