Several developments from 2017 promise to change, and hopefully improve, healthcare for veterans. Here are the top 4.
The move will also benefit the technology, since Constant Therapy is dependent on user data to continually shape its therapies.
They also increase users’ motivation to eat healthy and exercise, according to 3 studies.
Compliance rates neared 100%, and the tests showed value, according to a pilot by Takeda and Cognition Kit.
Licensed audiologists can now remotely adjust the devices, reducing the need for in-person adjustments.
Despite a legal mandate that the Department of Defense incorporate telehealth services, usage rate still hovers around 1%. 
It may be a confusing time to buy health insurance, but the Georgia-based tech company says that it can solve that.
The company combines the freelance gig economy with the booming telehealth market.
No other piece of technology has penetrated markets like the cellphone, but there are still barriers to its widespread medical use.
There are 20 million veterans in the US and the VA system is facing widespread shortages. Can mHealth solutions fill the gaps?
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