Privacy & Security

A leader at the Blockchain Research Institute details how the technology could transform medicine, from information sharing to patient outcomes.
Privacy and security extend beyond HIPAA. Here’s what healthcare leaders must know about training staff for ransomware, phishing, and more.
She thought she was attending the blockchain event as an equal, but her colleagues saw things differently.
The insurer wants $20 million. The legal firm wants Aetna to pay. Patients are due $17 million.
Would your health system pay $47,000 in bitcoin to cyberattackers?
What healthcare organizations and digital health ventures must know about open-source software before tracking and implementing it.
Blockchain is set to redefine how healthcare is contracted, managed, and paid for. Although the technology is in its early stages, here is where we are and what is ahead.
We’re co-hosting a webinar featuring attorney and blockchain expert Steven W. Teppler. Here’s how you can register—and why you should.
The dialysis company will also enter into an agreement with the agency to improve its patient privacy protocols. 
Roughly 1500 of the EHR vendor’s customers experienced some sort of disruption after SamSam struck.
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