Privacy & Security

The firmware update is now available to patients, who might face a greater risk of harm if they don’t act.
Patients and physicians are excited about digital health, but an expert said both sides must trust each other.
The company's admission joins a spate of recent, high-profile breaches involving thousands of patients' information.
How these issues will be examined during a new Texas Hospital Association conference.
How the Virginia health system is strengthening security protocols. Others might want to take notice.
The Chesapeake Regional Healthcare data breach emphasizes the wide-ranging threat to patients’ medical records.
The social media giant's now-halted pitch to health systems is actually somewhat similar to a health intitiative it already runs...with one key difference. 
A pair of new reports illustrate the cybersecurity paradoxes facing large organizations, like health and pharma companies.
The Mississippi State Department of Health is sending out letters warning patients of the unauthorized disclosure.
The insurer is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to 6800 affected individuals.
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