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The company's DeepMind subsidiary and the UK's Royal Free health system may not have done enough to inform patients their data was in use. The two are working to develop an alert application to analyze risk of kidney disease.
The recent attack ravaged everything from Maersk to Merck. It also impacted small health systems in the US, whether it meant to or not.
Using the same exploit as WannaCry, a new attack is ravaging computer systems worldwide.
Another week, another IT security threat with a conveniently catchy name: the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services late last week released a warning about a new threat, or series of threats, that could impact healthcare systems.
Experts say that the problem will only get worse, and exponentially so. Still, much can be learned from the recent WannaCry attack.
"We are pitting the enthusiasm of the futurists...against the public health perspective that says ‘be careful what you screen for,’”  the prominent genomicist says.
The FDA, GINA, and variants of unknown significance all muddy the waters of genomic research and data storage.
Cerner Corp. nailed down a $4 billion-plus Department of Defense contract in 2015. The deal with the VA bypassed the typical public bidding process.
"My particular joy is in innovation, and trying to innovate before the problem occurs, before the pain is really felt, and having a solution ready for when it does hit," Suit says.
No matter how they safeguard, it’s not a question of whether health systems will suffer a breach but rather when, according to many experts.
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