Population Health

Researchers thought the tech-driven experiment could get Medicaid patients to the doctor. Why didn’t it work?
Kaiser Permanente researchers analyzed data from more than 4 million people for the population health study.
The Direct Decision Support Model was designed to provide medical information to approximately 700,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
A new literature review published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research suggests that it has.
It's unknown how the current administration's Department of Justice will treat the proposed deal.
Why Seattle Children’s Hospital researchers say electronic medical records can help doctors provide better care to at-risk children.
A new study and 2 accompanying commentaries illustrate both the promises and the pitfalls of decision support.
The robot uses sensors and a motor to control tissue growth in infants.
"CMS is lacking information that it could use to assess how opioid prescribing patterns are changing over time."
In a health tech environment increasingly populated with startups, 2 experienced firms are teaming up to distribute cutting-edge surgical technology.
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