Population Health

Researchers from the University of North Texas found that a game may work better than waiting around for healthcare to get less confusing.
The findings could prompt advances in precision medicine, researchers said.
Understanding how patients use opioids could be key to understanding the opioid crisis. Researchers have a new tool for tracking the pills.
Nobody wants "cookbook medicine." Via Oncology CEO Kathleen Lokay explained why treatment pathways aren't that.
Why a new model designed to tabulate localized influenza outbreaks faces significant hurdles.
For centuries, population-based evidence has laid the foundation of healthcare. Precision medicine will change that.
Investigators analyzed 91 studies to develop a framework for future research.
Healthcare must adapt to the new way in which risk factors present, according to a UPMC expert.
Most remote pain monitoring studies lack context for the data they collect. 
3 barriers that hospitals must break down. It's not all about the money.
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