Patient Engagement

A leader at the Blockchain Research Institute details how the technology could transform medicine, from information sharing to patient outcomes.
Researchers thought the tech-driven experiment could get Medicaid patients to the doctor. Why didn’t it work?
Evolution might be important for Fitbit as the market for wearable devices becomes more complicated.
New research from Yale University shows why healthcare orgs must better inform patients undergoing radiologic exams, both in person and online.
The development helps patients monitor their drug intake through a smartphone app.
“Healthcare has always been a very noble profession,” Taha Jangda said. “But it’s also been very transactional.”
The Direct Decision Support Model was designed to provide medical information to approximately 700,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
Dr. Google has its place, but Dr. Sarah Hawley believes that for patients to make the right decisions about their cancer care, they'll need the right information.
Still, the European e-health tool shows clinical promise, researchers say.
The 5-year-old disruptor finds a friend in 200-year-old French insurance giant.
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