Patient Engagement

The President of the Biden Cancer Initiative speaks on the "sails in the water" holding back the fight against cancer, including a lack of interoperability.
Critics argue that the law could have negative effects on the clinical trial process.
In part 2 of this week's Q&A, Medicomp Systems' CMO has some direct words for the hype surrounding artificial intelligence, the usefulness of natural language processing, and the potential of his own company.
"For the last 30+ years, the company has sat down with physician experts to ask, say, ‘if you’re seeing a patient with bacterial pneumonia, what would you expect to see? What would you ask, what historical facts would you like to know?'" 
The CEO and CMO of SidekickHealth give a deep, detailed look at the development and potential of mobile apps that could change how patients approach their chronic conditions.
Keeping young patients with long-term health concerns engaged via text, email, and phone calls might improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs down the road. On that road, however, there are plenty of challenges to consider.

Two years after the ResearchKit launch, studies using the platform seem to suffer from the same issues it was meant to address.

"If this were a drug that had a survival advantage of this magnitude, it would be retail priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars."
In the second part of an interview with CMO Daniel Lace, the doctor turned the conversation to how he defines value-based care.
The CMO of Leaders in Medicine sat down with Healthcare Analytics News for a ranging interview focused on value-based care and innovation.
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