Patient Engagement

A new study suggests the technology can lead to dramatically better clinical outcomes.
But a new report describes how employers can use digital health to achieve better employee health and financial outcomes.
Scientists have developed a tiny sensor that can track certain chemicals and nutrients. But the potential uses of the sensor extend beyond diet.
On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?
New research showed that interruptions drastically increase a nurse's mental workload during EMR documentation.
Researchers analyzed language used in the subreddit r/depression to gauge the community’s long-term effects and the readability of user posts.
Key opinion leaders influence important decisions in healthcare, but perhaps too little attention has been given to the ethics of this situation.
Patients and physicians are excited about digital health, but an expert said both sides must trust each other.
The pharmacy chain is integrating pharmacist- and provider-facing tools to help them recommend cheaper alternatives.
A team of students at Rice University developed an app that uses visual cues to mitigate that vexing symptom.
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