Patient Engagement

electroCore's device provides mild electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in order to alleviate headaches.
Equipped with the pancreas and a Fitbit, the children successfully maintained good blood sugar levels despite elevated activity.
The review included nearly 30,000 young patients and found a "small, but significant" effect of mHealth as a viable modality in their treatment.
In the second part of our interview with CCHP director Gutierrez, he speaks about how telehealth policy is evolving nationwide.
"We have to change that dynamic and think about the consumer at the center of the healthcare system," Mario Gutierrez says.
"It’s a constant theme we'll be talking about continuously," Hart says. "Patients are saying "we need this support" and yet very few providers are delivering it. "
Two recent reports from the Urban Institute examined trends in the proportion of adults with medical debt, and whether such trends related to the citizens' confidence in their own financial literacy.
At HIMSS 2017, Patricia Sengstack led a conversation peppered with allusions to books and films from recent memory, bringing a certain levity to the weighty and important topic of patient safety. IT can help enormously, but also create problems of its own.
Social media represents a huge opportunity to improve patient communication and care but comes with a variety of added risks and compliance hurdles that must be addressed.
The University of Texas Southwestern launched a comprehensive and successful Accountable Care Organization with significant savings using the help of data analytics and a series of customized dashboards and reports to elicit physician engagement and buy-in
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