Patient Engagement

Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app maker, hopes to use new scientific research to support its prescription program by 2020.
What one woman’s battle against breast cancer says about medicine’s future.
“We wanted to ensure that our platform was accessible to that user base, too,”  the company's founder and CEO said. 
The company has been flirting with the medical device field for longer than some may realize.
Too many incarcerated patients go untreated, but a new wave of tech is on the horizon.
DyAnsys says it will help patients who are battling symptoms without narcotics.
Healthcare is far from achieving a universal approach to connecting its disparate systems, but many bright minds are making strides.
The NIH’s HerbList provides users with research-backed facts on popular herbs.
Value-based care at the heart of new guidances, and, as usual, they came with Gottlieb tweets.
Not all telehealth is direct-to-patient. Video counseling for providers can be a force multiplier...and potentially, a life-saver.
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