Patient Engagement

Researchers from the University of North Texas found that a game may work better than waiting around for healthcare to get less confusing.
Users consider digital patient portals very useful for helping family members manage their care. A new study argues that access sharing should be encouraged.
“It’s so frustrating when members of Congress who know nothing about medicine try to pass a law like this."
The FDA has approved a new tool for patients with mental illnesses taking aripiprazole tablets—a digital sensor that reports when patients have taken their medication.
Healthcare messaging used to be controlled in a hierarchical, top-down manner. The internet changed that.
Omri Shor sees 3 main forces in the healthcare industry colliding to create a “perfect storm” for better patient engagement technologies.
If adopted more widely, the technology could offset a provider shortage.
The companies’ partnership will also focus on patient engagement and precision medicine.
Algorithms and machine learning may dissect real-world data, according to Roche.
The move enables One Drop to sync with a sizeable share of the wearables market.
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