Recent reports of a new team at the FDA that will try to match healthtech's pace of innovation mesh with previous writings by the Administration's recently-appointed head, Scott Gottlieb. 
When it was a mere "online bookseller," Amazon invested in 40% of an online pharmacy that didn't quite pan out. Now the preeminint online retail giant, the company is believed to be taking another look at the complex industry. 
SCIO Health Analytics' Chief Evangelist argues for the use of analytics to prevent complications and provide true value-based care.
No matter how they safeguard, it’s not a question of whether health systems will suffer a breach but rather when, according to many experts.
Partnership of major national companies launches initiative, encourages President in pursuit of wider adoption of value-based models.
electroCore's device provides mild electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in order to alleviate headaches.
The Project ECHO programs in New Mexico seek to use mass specialist-to-primary teleconferencing to improve treatment of conditions like diabetes across a vast, rural state. 
Equipped with the pancreas and a Fitbit, the children successfully maintained good blood sugar levels despite elevated activity.
A House of Representitives vote on the American Health Care Act did not fall on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Now it will not occur at all.
The review included nearly 30,000 young patients and found a "small, but significant" effect of mHealth as a viable modality in their treatment.
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