electroCore's device provides mild electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in order to alleviate headaches.
The Project ECHO programs in New Mexico seek to use mass specialist-to-primary teleconferencing to improve treatment of conditions like diabetes across a vast, rural state. 
Equipped with the pancreas and a Fitbit, the children successfully maintained good blood sugar levels despite elevated activity.
A House of Representitives vote on the American Health Care Act did not fall on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Now it will not occur at all.
The review included nearly 30,000 young patients and found a "small, but significant" effect of mHealth as a viable modality in their treatment.
In the second part of our interview with CCHP director Gutierrez, he speaks about how telehealth policy is evolving nationwide.
Can futuristic-sounding technologies really drive meaningful outcomes that improve the everyday performance of health systems?
"We have to change that dynamic and think about the consumer at the center of the healthcare system," Mario Gutierrez says.
A wide reach and vast accesibility allowed the researchers to see nationwide data and detect trends, but the program suffered from the same natural enthusiasm decay that any mobile app does.
Respected surgeon pens plea in Annals of Surgery urging increased use of electronic prescribing platforms to stem the tide of opiate misuse.
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