It’s no secret that big data can combat the problem. Here’s an inside look at what experts are actually doing.
The pharma giant likes the start-up's EHR and real-world evidence technologies and its big network of oncology providers.
The company's founders say they want to make a world where "cancer is managed just like the common cold” and "100 years old is the new 60.”
A leader at the Blockchain Research Institute details how the technology could transform medicine, from information sharing to patient outcomes.
Researchers thought the tech-driven experiment could get Medicaid patients to the doctor. Why didn’t it work?
It will not be dependent on smartphone connection for cellular coverage.
Privacy and security extend beyond HIPAA. Here’s what healthcare leaders must know about training staff for ransomware, phishing, and more.
In the healthcare and health tech industries, companies are constantly jockeying to add the sharpest talent.
Nearly 9 months after it was announced, the deal has not been finalized. Some lawmakers are expressing frustration.
She thought she was attending the blockchain event as an equal, but her colleagues saw things differently.
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