You'll never guess which Rochester, Minnesota-based network made the list.
Amidst rumors that the insurer itself could be bought by a retail giant, Humana is again joining with 2 financial firms to expand its palliative holdings.
Original HRA® research suggests insurers are searching for diverse data to take this step toward value-based care.
It isn't enough to just garner hundreds of value-based recommendations: They need to be credibly disseminated and implemented.
A new study suggests the technology can lead to dramatically better clinical outcomes.
But a new report describes how employers can use digital health to achieve better employee health and financial outcomes.
With its EHR modernization efforts in limbo, the agency's top IT boss has stepped aside. 
Scientists have developed a tiny sensor that can track certain chemicals and nutrients. But the potential uses of the sensor extend beyond diet.
On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?
Despite widespread adoption of the technology, health systems and clinicians are still trying to find best practices.
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