What can hospitals learn from recent crises that have filled emergency rooms across the country?
Several developments from 2017 promise to change, and hopefully improve, healthcare for veterans. Here are the top 4.
“We’re looking at it with a lot of excitement, not a lot of fear and dread."
Researchers from the University of North Texas found that a game may work better than waiting around for healthcare to get less confusing.
The move will also benefit the technology, since Constant Therapy is dependent on user data to continually shape its therapies.
The findings could prompt advances in precision medicine, researchers said.
Users consider digital patient portals very useful for helping family members manage their care. A new study argues that access sharing should be encouraged.
Understanding how patients use opioids could be key to understanding the opioid crisis. Researchers have a new tool for tracking the pills.
In 323 cases, IBM's artificial intelligence identified additional treatment options that a panel of experts overlooked.
They also increase users’ motivation to eat healthy and exercise, according to 3 studies.
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