Open-source, collaborative, and blockchain constrained, Morpheo is starting with sleep disorders and looking far beyond.
CMS has launched a survey, and Seema Verma has written an op-ed, intended on garnering new perspectives for the Innovation Center.
The unit will be capable of producing up to a billion genetically-modified mosquito eggs per week.
Two physicians from UCSF call on the medical Accreditation Council to raise the bar on how it determines physicians can be trained.
The leading medical institution announced two partnerships to make its insight more accessible.
LifeMine champions its “genomically-enabled drug discovery engine” that combines artificial intelligence with synthetic biology.
Marco Huesch speaks on “cozy duopolies and oligopolies” in regional healthcare markets, and what it may take for analytics innovation to thrive.  
“Sometimes we realize, 'Watson got that one right and we got it wrong," one of its trainers at MSKCC said. Still, it has work to do.
"It improves how kidneys are allocated, and it improves the rationalizations of doctors and patients."
The application receives marketing authorization as a device, and is not intended for treatment of opiate dependence.
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