The announcement continues a trend of technology companies, app makers, and glucose monitor makers pairing up to create integrated care systems.
The company is expanding its digital health platform in partnership with IBM Watson Health.
Morris Panner spoke to HCA News about the interoperability landscape and his company's change from DICOM Grid to Ambra Health.
Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, gave a detailed interview on interoperability, artificial intelligence, value-based care, and the business of running a health tech company.
Cerner Corp. nailed down a $4 billion-plus Department of Defense contract in 2015. The deal with the VA bypassed the typical public bidding process.
Of all of the conditions that technological innovation has the potential to mitigate, assuage, and aid, vision loss leaves plenty of room for the novel and life-changing.
electroCore's device provides mild electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in order to alleviate headaches.
Can futuristic-sounding technologies really drive meaningful outcomes that improve the everyday performance of health systems?
At HIMSS 2017, Patricia Sengstack led a conversation peppered with allusions to books and films from recent memory, bringing a certain levity to the weighty and important topic of patient safety. IT can help enormously, but also create problems of its own.
At HIMSS17 in Orlando, Florida, HCA News spoke with Ashish Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at Spectralink. Spectralink's communications technology is nearly ubiquitous in hospitals, and Sharma discussed the move from simple, utilitarian devices to the creation of new, integrated touchscreen units.
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