A leader at the Blockchain Research Institute details how the technology could transform medicine, from information sharing to patient outcomes.
Nearly 9 months after it was announced, the deal has not been finalized. Some lawmakers are expressing frustration.
She thought she was attending the blockchain event as an equal, but her colleagues saw things differently.
It calls for substantial cuts to HHS divisions that oversee patient data privacy and interoperability initiatives. 
 “We’ve been too comfortable for too long,” he said. "We have to blow it up a little."
The judge wrote that the complaint "fails the most basic test for particularity.”
A new literature review published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research suggests that it has.
It's unknown how the current administration's Department of Justice will treat the proposed deal.
The French health tech company announced in 2014 that it would enter the US market. It never did, and today it was bought by an enterprise giant.
We’re co-hosting a webinar featuring attorney and blockchain expert Steven W. Teppler. Here’s how you can register—and why you should.
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