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Antov, Deeken, and Killian return with five more tips on how health companies can catch up to other industries in their use of analytics for business.
Behavioral health telehealth provider adds Bain Capital and Aetna to its list of backers.
The report from Bloomberg indicates Hosain Rahman maintained his ambitious streak even in the dying months of the once-thriving company he founded.
CMS will expand a less-invasive audit method, which the Government Accountability Office had questioned, based on success of pilot programs.
“Culture eats technology for breakfast…this is a human problem," Harnish says of the fight for higher cybersecurity standards in hospitals.
The SoftBank Vision Fund bestowed more than ten figures on the rising biotech company, which also announced yet another subsidiary.
The company emphatically denies that the incident could constitute a breach of unsecured PHI under the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule.
The announcement continues a trend of technology companies, app makers, and glucose monitor makers pairing up to create integrated care systems.
Wearables just might not have the appeal and sustainability once thought, if the fall of one of the market’s earliest stars is any indication. Today, it was reported that Jawbone was liquidating itself. 
Many healthcare product companies continue to downplay the potential impact that investments in data analytics could have on their business.
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