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The announcement continues a trend of technology companies, app makers, and glucose monitor makers pairing up to create integrated care systems.
Wearables just might not have the appeal and sustainability once thought, if the fall of one of the market’s earliest stars is any indication. Today, it was reported that Jawbone was liquidating itself. 
Many healthcare product companies continue to downplay the potential impact that investments in data analytics could have on their business.
Morris Panner spoke to HCA News about the interoperability landscape and his company's change from DICOM Grid to Ambra Health.
Can drug manufacturers use colossal swaths of data to deliver new pharmaceuticals more efficiently and cost-effectively? And if so, will those savings some day make their way to the patients?
Experts say that the problem will only get worse, and exponentially so. Still, much can be learned from the recent WannaCry attack.
Trio will pilot program to leverage Watson's computational power to determine value-based treatment options for cancer patients.
In the second part of an interview with CMO Daniel Lace, the doctor turned the conversation to how he defines value-based care.
The app maker announced results from a study that reinforce the potential of telehealth as a tool to help patients manage blood sugar.
With its slice of the wearable fitness monitor market negligible, Jawbone has accused Fitbit, its former competitor in the consumer space, of stealing trade secrets.

A hearing is scheduled for later today.
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