Finance Costs & Revenues

LeanTaaS banked on predictive analytics and machine learning in the financing round.
The Chinese genomics company will use the money to focus on its growing overseas business.
"Really, technologists aren't going to be able to figure out what's going to work best for patients,” he said.
The company makes novel virtual reality technology for realistic surgery simulations.
“Billions and billions of dollars are spent on just measuring quality that could be used for actually delivering care.”
Antov, Deeken, and Killian return with five more tips on how health companies can catch up to other industries in their use of analytics for business.
Behavioral health telehealth provider adds Bain Capital and Aetna to its list of backers.
The report from Bloomberg indicates Hosain Rahman maintained his ambitious streak even in the dying months of the once-thriving company he founded.
CMS will expand a less-invasive audit method, which the Government Accountability Office had questioned, based on success of pilot programs.
“Culture eats technology for breakfast…this is a human problem," Harnish says of the fight for higher cybersecurity standards in hospitals.
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