Finance Costs & Revenues

Amidst rumors that the insurer itself could be bought by a retail giant, Humana is again joining with 2 financial firms to expand its palliative holdings.
But a new report describes how employers can use digital health to achieve better employee health and financial outcomes.
On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?
With machine learning, USC researchers correlated measurements taken nonintrusively by an iPhone camera to detailed tonometry data. 
There isn't too much information out there about Vicarious Surgical, but Gates, Khosla, Benioff, and Yang seem to think it's a good idea. 
Key opinion leaders influence important decisions in healthcare, but perhaps too little attention has been given to the ethics of this situation.
As the era of value-based care begins, the start-up is targeting biopharma and insurers.
Why the French answer to Oscar Health is attracting international attention.
The start-up plans to use the same AI that analyzes financial documents to examine Medicaid applications.
What the pharma giant saw in the oncology analytics whiz kid.
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