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The app maker announced results from a study that reinforce the potential of telehealth as a tool to help patients manage blood sugar.
With its slice of the wearable fitness monitor market negligible, Jawbone has accused Fitbit, its former competitor in the consumer space, of stealing trade secrets.

A hearing is scheduled for later today.
“We cannot communicate with other physicians,” says Ralph Nobo, MD and president of the Florida Medical Association. “Sometimes we cannot communicate with other entities, like labs or radiology services unless we pay a large monthly fee. That presents a challenge when you’re a small practice like I am and you’re trying to survive in these difficult times.”
The investigators called over treatment “pervasive” and said it “leads to potential patient harms and excessive costs in health care.”
Goldberg sat down with Healthcare Analytics News to discuss the platform’s goal of delivering real-world data to oncology departments in order to expedite transitions to value-based models and provide attuned patient care.
Patents had protected Teva's monopoly on 40mg glatiramer acetate injections until a court ruling yesterday seemingly left the market open for generic competition.
 With words like “crisis” and “epidemic” increasingly murmured after “opioid,” the maker of the famous, and perhaps notorious, opioid joins the effort to curb abuse.
An old standby steps back to the plate as a new entry is abandoned amidst disappointing trials, devastating its maker’s stock value.
Clostridium difficile infections (C. difficile) are common, costly, and potentially fatal. But UV light can kill them.
Steven Spalding, MD, chief clinical integration and medical officer for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, knows a thing or two about value-based care.
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