Finance Costs & Revenues

The pharma giant likes the start-up's EHR and real-world evidence technologies and its big network of oncology providers.
The company's founders say they want to make a world where "cancer is managed just like the common cold” and "100 years old is the new 60.”
The genomics company said the money will go towards strengthening its intellectual property positions and commercializing 1 of its cancer assays
The insurer wants $20 million. The legal firm wants Aetna to pay. Patients are due $17 million.
What hospitals can expect from the data auditing and privacy platform that has captivated top players like Kaiser Permanente Ventures.
What does the poised growth mean for hospitals?
The money will fill gaps in gene editing and help find ways to better disseminate knowledge and tools.
Could the EHR vendor have prevented the SamSam ransomware attack or offset its effects?
The money will drive the final steps toward commercialization.
Like an operating room, a 747 is losing money if it isn't full.
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