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A wide reach and vast accesibility allowed the researchers to see nationwide data and detect trends, but the program suffered from the same natural enthusiasm decay that any mobile app does.
?IBM has announced the next step for Watson Health: a value-based care management solution. The new system, built on the Watson supercomputing artificial intelligence backbone, will combine, analyze, and make predictions based on data in electronic health records, hospital administrative and clinical databases, claims data, and other sources.
The University of Texas Southwestern launched a comprehensive and successful Accountable Care Organization with significant savings using the help of data analytics and a series of customized dashboards and reports to elicit physician engagement and buy-in
John Gallagher, Senior Innovation Consultant at Simpler Consulting, offers potential complications that could doom population health efforts: "The business of care delivery must change."
Goldberg sat down with Healthcare Analytics News to discuss the platform’s goal of delivering real-world data to oncology departments in order to expedite transitions to value-based models and provide attuned patient care.
“Good doctoring is pattern recognition,” Tracey Evans says, “so to have all this data here and not use it is ridiculous."
One of the most challenging aspects of treating asthma is identifying the endotypes that underlie the condition.
 With words like “crisis” and “epidemic” increasingly murmured after “opioid,” the maker of the famous, and perhaps notorious, opioid joins the effort to curb abuse.
Dan Konzen, campus chair for the College of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Phoenix speaks on four essential aspects of security to keep in mind.
Until recently, few studies had estimated the prevalence of noninfectious uveitis by inflammation location, presence of systemic conditions, sex, age, or severity.
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