Big Data & Analytics

The findings could prompt advances in precision medicine, researchers said.
In 323 cases, IBM's artificial intelligence identified additional treatment options that a panel of experts overlooked.
Why a new model designed to tabulate localized influenza outbreaks faces significant hurdles.
The program, DrugPredict, searches through hundreds of thousands of chemical combinations and pairs them with diseases they might be able to fight.
The ambitious precision medicine initiative looks to sequence 1 million Americans to inform public health.
Get the scoop on the week's big stories from an HRA market research analyst.
Researchers in Russia said they’ve trained a computer program to detect the emotions behind a speaker’s words. That technology could help physicians better diagnose patients. 
The company is one of several tech players to win a Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award.
People with cancer are consumers of healthcare. Should they not get customized treatment plans?
LeanTaaS banked on predictive analytics and machine learning in the financing round.
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