Big Data & Analytics

DreaMed Diabetes aims to personalize disease management.
The NIH’s All of Us program is just one example of what’s to come.
News and insights on cyberwarfare, the Apple Watch, wearables, and more.
This week on Data Book, the first human killed by a robot and the murky question of AI and legal liability.
How sophisticated simulations brought researchers to a critical chemical.
Value-based care at the heart of new guidances, and, as usual, they came with Gottlieb tweets.
"It could lead to a whole new field of investigation in clinical and physiological sciences and reshape our understanding of human physiology." 
The new partnership also calls for closer drug discovery collaboration between WuXi AppTec and Insilico Medicine.
European leaders are investing in AI in an effort to catch up with the US and Asia.
Head still spinning from the Apple API news? Can’t quite keep up with the latest in health-tech studies? HCA News is here for you.
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