Big Data & Analytics

It’s no secret that big data can combat the problem. Here’s an inside look at what experts are actually doing.
Today's decision does more than just allow Viz.AI Contact to be marketed: It sets a standard for future software of its kind.
Kaiser Permanente researchers analyzed data from more than 4 million people for the population health study.
The woman who oversaw MD Anderson's controversial IBM Watson collaboration may know a thing or two about AI and expectations.
Blockchain is set to redefine how healthcare is contracted, managed, and paid for. Although the technology is in its early stages, here is where we are and what is ahead.
How Medial EarlySign’s machine learning model combed EHRs to identify patients at risk of kidney damage.
Why the “breakthrough device” could be a boon for healthcare organizations and patients alike.
We’re co-hosting a webinar featuring attorney and blockchain expert Steven W. Teppler. Here’s how you can register—and why you should.
How the results affect critical decisions about reproductive health and hereditary cancer risk.
What you need to know about key opinion leaders, webinars, and conferences in the healthcare analytics world.
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