Big Data & Analytics

Open-source, collaborative, and blockchain constrained, Morpheo is starting with sleep disorders and looking far beyond.
"It improves how kidneys are allocated, and it improves the rationalizations of doctors and patients."
One of the co-authors of NEJM article on inflated machine learning expectations spoke to HCA News about what inspired his commentary.
Antov, Deeken, and Killian return with five more tips on how health companies can catch up to other industries in their use of analytics for business.
Data analytics and accountability are key, according to researchers at Oregon Health and Sciences University.
In part 2 of this week's C-Suite Q&A, we continue our conversation with David Delaney, MD.
"At SAP, we're across 25 different sectors, and 23 or 24 of them are quite a ways beyond healthcare."
The SoftBank Vision Fund bestowed more than ten figures on the rising biotech company, which also announced yet another subsidiary.
Predictive modeling may add a layer of protection against the common virus.
SAP Health's CMO on ways to make the most out of analytics.
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