Big Data & Analytics

Scientists have developed a tiny sensor that can track certain chemicals and nutrients. But the potential uses of the sensor extend beyond diet.
On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?
How the diagnostic tool stands to benefit patients with prostate cancer.
Key opinion leaders influence important decisions in healthcare, but perhaps too little attention has been given to the ethics of this situation.
Sangamo’s innovations recently earned it $3 billion. Why? But first, the CRISPR origin story.
With members like Pfizer and USC Keck School of Medicine, TriNetX aims to improve how healthcare handles research data.
How the artificial intelligence behind AUTOMAP yielded higher-quality images of the brain.
The pair want to combine their chemistry and machine learning platforms to find targets for neuromuscular disease treatments. 
Artificial intelligence is infiltrating many institutions. Here’s how governments can handle the technology without burning the public.
The start-up plans to use the same AI that analyzes financial documents to examine Medicaid applications.
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