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August 16, 2017
The "C-Suite" is in quotes because Jonathan Hirsch settles for just being the Founder and President of his company, Syapse
Disappointment with Watson a Matter of Expectations?
August 16, 2017
An original Health Research and Analytics survey found that many in healthcare know the name, but not the potential.

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Acuity Link Announces Availability of Cloud-Based EMT Software
“The process for ordering a non-emergency ambulance and discharging a patient has essentially been stuck in the 1970’s," the …
A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have developed a machine learning method of early diagnosis for Alzheimer’s, which they …
David Sawin Details Possibilities for Hospital Apps
“These technologies are here today, these types of apps are in market...think big, start small, and act fast.”
GreyCastle's Reg Harnish: Lessons from a Hospital Ransomware Attack
“Culture eats technology for breakfast…this is a human problem," Harnish says of the fight for higher cybersecurity standards in …
Hospital Cybersecurity Must Start in the C-Suite
“It’s not just an IT issue…there has to be a coordinated and integrated process to understand the vulnerabilities,” Bertine …
Merlin Steps into the Consumer Sphere with Simple Health App Platform
“It’s a powerful tool...You can literally build an app in an hour and publish it,” Brian Well said.
Philadelphia HIT Summit: Does MACRA
The language regarding EMRs and MACRA at large was fairly straightforward during a panel at the Philadelphia HIT Summit.
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