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April 20, 2018
On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?
April 19, 2018
Despite widespread adoption of the technology, health systems and clinicians are still trying to find best practices.

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Scientists have developed a tiny sensor that can track certain chemicals and nutrients. But the potential uses of the sensor extend beyond diet.
New research showed that interruptions drastically increase a nurse's mental workload during EMR documentation.


Pharmacy manager Kurt Wyant projected ROI in 2 years. The actual time was 11 months. 
The healthcare industry’s consolidation drag race will have a referee after all.
Original research suggests that clinicians want their organizations to better embrace tech surrounding the therapy.
With machine learning, USC researchers correlated measurements taken nonintrusively by an iPhone camera to detailed tonometry data. 
The firmware update is now available to patients, who might face a greater risk of harm if they don’t act.
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